First Church Mission

Everything we are and do is centered on Jesus Christ. We seek to share the life-giving news of God’s salvation by inviting others into a vital relationship with Jesus Christ. We want to help one another become well-acquainted with God’s Book, the Bible.

First Things First

Taking The Next Step Of Connecting With First Church

Sunday, April 15
Sunday, June 3
Sunday, September 16

12:00 (Noon) – 1:00 p.m. in Room 215
Childcare provided

Interested in taking a next step in connecting with First Church as your church home?


In February 1836, Beman Crandall stopped his covered wagon somewhere in Crystal Lake, declared, “It is good. Let us stay here,” and thus became our town’s first settler. Not long after, George Stickney, Christopher Walkup, Uriah Cottle, and A.W. Beardsley came to what is now Nunda Township (the area generally north of the present Crystal Lake Ave., and East of Walkup), pronounced - Nun-day, and became instrumental in establishing the community’s first church, which was known as the Virginia Church.