Contact Us

If you would like to contact the church staff, you can:

  • Send an email to: Church Office
  • Call the church office at: 815-459-0785
  • FAX the church at: 815-459-0815
  • For Prayer Requests contact Janet or telephone the Church Office at 815-459-0785 ext. 10

Church Staff Directory

Lead Pastor 
Rev. Scott Field ext. 15
Associate Pastor
Rev. Charles Yoon ext. 16
Worship Director 
Katrina Jackson ext. 19 
Children's Director 
Lisa Bischoff ext. 24
Youth Director  
Heather Oysti ext. 17
Communications' Director
Colby Smith ext. 23
Jan Vera ext. 12
Main Office  
Janet Yaworski ext. 10
Administrative Assistant
Deidre Joynt ext. 22

For more information about one of our ministries, to join one of our groups, or to begin serving the Lord through your time, talents or finances please don't hesitate to contact us.