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7/20/2014 Where Are You?

“Where are you?” is a lifetime question. And lifetime questions take a lifetime to answer. Faith is no quick, hasty, “once upon a time” decision. Faith is an eternal relationship requiring constant struggle, continual decisions and consistent obedience. Repeatedly Jesus confronted people with today’s question: Where are you? Each time He asked it, He added an invitation for a lifetime: Jesus said, “Come, follow me. I will make you fishers of men” (Matthew 4:19). “Follow me.”

Charles Yoon
7/13/2014 Beyond Our Wildest Expectations

What we believe, about God, ourselves, our resources, and our situation, will determine the future for First UMC. The future of our congregation and the ministry committed to us is not a matter of dumb luck or some sort of divine magic wand. It is a genuine, persistent, intentional, and deliberate partnership pressing forward.

Ephesians 4 Scott Field
7/6/2014 How Other Persecuted Believers Can Help Us Navigate the Future of US Congregations

The circle of religious freedom, particularly the freedom to be a Christian in the sense of believing and behaving in ways that Christ-followers have always and everywhere believed and behaved, is shrinking in the United States. The cost of being a follower of Christ is going up. The risks are increasing. When we are feeling the press of the culture around us to distance ourselves from Christ, his community, and his cause, what should we do? Lift Jesus high. Sing his praises loudly. Magnify the Lord and exalt his name together. Serve the least and the forgotten and the overlooked. Put hands and feet on the love of Christ even though the guardians of what is acceptable in our culture want us to take our Jesus away.

Scott Field
6/22/2014 Tired of Pre-Digested Christianity?

While our choice to follow Jesus is an amazing, life-changing point of connection with God and re-orientation of our lives, that is just the start of an ongoing spiritual journey to grow up, to become all God intended on the day we were born.

Ephesians 4 Scott Field
6/15/2014 Do I Have To Be Weird to Follow Jesus?

The purpose of our lives is completely connected to the commitments of our lives. Which will it be? The impurity of a mixed commitment; a qualified devotion? Or a conscious and consistent choice to serve the Lord, obey the Lord, worship the Lord, seek the Lord, and love the Lord?

Ephesians 4 Scott Field
6/8/2014 How Many Christians Does It Take to Change a Light Bulb?

We become fully devoted followers of Christ when we all come to such unity in our faith and knowledge of God’s Son that we are mature in the Lord measuring up to the full and complete standard of Christ. At that time each part will do its own special work to help the other parts grow, so that the whole body is healthy and growing and full of love.

Ephesians 4 Scott Field
6/1/2014 How Do I Get My Oar in the Water? Good News for Those of Us Who Are Weary of Being Spectators.

Our mission is help ourselves and others become devoted to Christ, connected to others, and sent to serve. We are connecting the gifts among us so that the work of Christ may be strengthened through us here at First Church.

Ephesians 4 Scott Field
5/25/2014 How Frustration and Faith Go Together

Memorial Day, given its connection to people giving their lives for a larger cause, always raises the question of what is worth living and dying for. In our own weariness with the violence, injustice, and oppression of the world we might overlook the most obvious of certainties about the future: the future belongs to Jesus who is victorious over sin, death, and the devil. How come? Because God believes the world is worth saving.

Ephesians 4 Scott Field
5/18/2014 Following Jesus Is...

Following Jesus is an engagement with the outside world in a tangible way. It is about putting into practice the things that Jesus taught. Following Jesus involves a radically different understanding of the identity, mission and message of Jesus than the traditional understanding presented by the earlier paradigm of Christianity. What does it mean for you to follow Jesus?

Ephesians 4 Charles Yoon
5/11/2014 I Love Everybody – It’s Just the People Nearby That I Can’t Stand

Today we want to break the silence on harmful communication patterns that are common in congregations and highlight several practices that will help us become healthier in the way we speak with and about one another. We might even call this an introductory overview on communication that builds Christian community.

Ephesians 4 Scott Field