Children's Ministry

Children are an amazing gift and awesome responsibility for those of us who are the parents, grandparents, and other adults in their lives.  We teach them how to brush their teeth and tie their shoes. So how about guiding them in the ways of Jesus, too?

Adult Education and Small Groups

This is where we learn the mind of Christ and are better equipped to follow Him. When people find the right group they truly begin to live out our purpose “to be Devoted to Christ, Connected to Others, and Sent to Serve.” Adult Education classes are offered in a variety of experiences including Men's & Women's ministry.

Youth Group

We envision our generation standing for Christ and seeing Him as the answer of all our questions, getting the chance to know Him better through small groups, worship services, retreats and activities, loving God with all our hearts and loving each other as Christ loves us, and loving others with the same love to impact them with His love.

Worship/Music Ministry

We have two distinct Sunday morning services, each with their own unique style. At 9:15 we have our cornerstone service in which we worship through sining hymns, choirs, solo and instrumental performances. 10:45 we have our ignite service which plays vibrant music with our band and led by a worship leader.

Stephen Ministry

Stephen Ministers: The After People

People sometimes ask, “What exactly is a Stephen Minister?” One way to put it is that Stephen Ministers are the After People.

Stephen ministers are there:

Buddy Break

VIP Kids

Kids with special needs are our VIP kids! VIPs include kids with any physical, cognitive, medical, or hidden disability, chronic or life-threating illness or who are medically fragile.


Family First


We’re all on the same page! Kids First explores the same Bible passage and bottom-line message that folks attending Cornerstone and Ignite worship services focus on.