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Steve Bullmer
Senior Pastor


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Invisible Strength

This week is my 25th wedding anniversary. For those of us who failed on their first try at marriage, making it to 25 years on the second try is huge.

I can take very little credit for this. I am the beneficiary of God's grace and Sharon's love. And in honor of this milestone in my life, I want to share the best marriage illustration I ever heard. Blessings!

A braid appears to contain only two strands of hair. But it is impossible to create a braid with only two strands. If the two could be put together at all, they would quickly unravel.

Herein lies the mystery. What looks like two strands requires a third. The third strand, though not immediately evident, keeps the strands tightly woven.

In a Christian marriage, God's presence, like the third strand in a braid, holds husband and wife together.

            Though one may be overpowered,
two can defend themselves.
A cord of three strands is not quickly broken.
(Ecclesiastes 4:12)

Allow me to add an additional insight to the illustration. I think the analogy also says that if there are only the two strands of husband and God, the braid won't hold. If there are only two strands (God and wife), the braid won't hold. So spouses, a key to a long and happy marriage is supporting your spouse's spiritual needs. If your wife needs to go to church to keep her relationship with God strong, guys ... can't you go with her occasionally? And go willingly, trying to understand why this is important to her ... because her happiness is important to you. If your husband needs quiet time with God after work and before dinner to put his work-day before God as an offering, as a time of reflection, repentance, and renewal, gals ... can't you give him that space? [Oh, and just in case you're thinking this: Football does not count as a spiritual discipline. Nor does golf. Nor does reading the newspaper. Nor does going to flea markets, craft shows, or rummage sales. Those are idols: worshiping an aspect of creation instead of connecting to the One who created it.]

Your three strands may look different from my three strands, but everyone must has three strands in the braid of their marriage for the marriage to hold together for many, many years.

Pastor Steve