Purpose, Mission & Core Values

First UMC Purpose

"The Purpose of our church is to build a Christian Community

where people Praise God, Meet Jesus, Grow spiritually,

and Serve others in Christ's name."

First UMC Mission

We are a people Committed to the Great Commandment and the Great Commission.

We believe if you "love God with all your heart, soul, mind, and strength, and you love your neighbor as yourself", you can't help but reach out to all people and share the Good News.

For the First United Methodist Church of Crystal Lake, love takes form, in deeds of mercy and acts of kindness, the greatest of which is to help all people find a meaningful relationship with Jesus Christ.

First UMC Core Values

Outreach: To our community means providing service to all people who are in need, both locally and throughout the world. Our actions demonstrate to those we serve that we are followers of Jesus Christ eager to share our gifts and the love of Christ.

Worship:  Worship at UMC is an important time of gathering together in community to express thanks to God for all He has provided, to celebrate His presence, to learn His message, and to become energized by His Spirit to go forth into the world. We cherish the varied opportunities that are offered to allow everyone to worship in his or her preferred manner.

FamilyWe are a multi-generational community in which we recognize that all are children of God. We honor, support and love each other as we seek to grow in spiritual leadership for our children and for others who follow. The idea of family extends to all of us. We strive to be authentic in our relationships and to encourage each other with acts of loving kindness.

Spiritual DevelopmentWe seek to grow in our faith and to build a strong relationship with Jesus Christ. We cherish the many opportunities (such as classes, studies, sermons, small groups) that equip us to grow in understanding the Bible and the teachings of Jesus, that meet each of us where we are on our path to greater faith maturity, and that help us discern our God-given gifts and how to use them.